"I am 44yrs young and struggled later in life to find a simple solution to help lose weight, keep it off and improve my internal health. My passion now is to HELP as many people as possible to look and feel their best. I now believe age is just a number if we are putting in the BEST nutrition in our bodies. I hope to free as many people as possible from physical pain. I have worked in the newspaper industry for 20 yrs with the Chicago Tribune, Orange County Register and the Sacramento Bee, but knew there was a higher calling to serve others.  In just a few short days on this system I started feeling so much better and in 2 weeks I dropped plenty of weight and my energy went through the roof. I have now committed my time to helping others get their health back"

Dr John "mineral man" Anderson

Our products are filtered through Crystals
Behind the scenes tour of Dr John Andersons botanicals & herbs from around the World
Our New State of the Art building in Chandler AZ
Dr Anderson was amazing to meet and to hear his journey as one of the Top people in the World in Nutrition
Hanging out at our formulators Ranch in Arizona with his 2 Giraffes